Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yes I am still alive!

So we just won't mention the obvious, just pretend I have always been here...

I have just started blogging again on a new blog which is really just to keep track and (afterwards) to remember our upcoming trip to the USA... 293 days and counting and I am really enjoying it, so I thought I should start posting here again too.

And what better to blog about than knitting for my girls, I have to go back to January to find the last knitted item that has stayed in our house, but that is all OK, because I have been able to knit some gorgeous things for others too.

This is Melissa in her Ferris Wheel cardigan...

Yes, it appears that she likes it!

This cardigan is really sweet, it has some nice little design features...

Brooch lace detail

The same lace detail on one of the pockets

and the same lace on the back
This cardigan is designed by Georgie Hallam (Tikki) and it also has sister patterns which all share the same lace - both for ladies and girls.

The wool for this project is Madelinetosh 80/10/10 Sport and the colour is California Poppy.  It can be purchased from their online store.

It seems like every time the camera comes out for a photo-shoot now days, I always land up with at least one photo like this...

and this...

and another one (must have been windy this day)...

and another...

This is Archie our Mini Schnauzer.  We have had him since February 2013 and we love him to bits, he will probably pop up next time I finish a new knit for my girls, as they always make sure they include him in the photo-shoot.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birthday Giveaway Winner

I have just drawn the winner, and it is Kat, this is what Kat said...
Hi there, happy birthday! :) I love the dovetail shrug and would love apple green :)
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's My Birthday ~ Giveaway!

Today is my birthday, and I thought I would celebrate by having a giveaway.

What I have to offer is one of these gorgeous skeins of wool from 100Purewool...

Colours are lilac, pale purple, blue sea, delicious apple and sky

Knitted into your choice of either a Zuzu's Petals or a Dovetail Cowl (small version)...

Zuzu's Petals

Dovetail Cowl (photos courtesy of Carina Spencer)
To enter, all you need to do is comment on this blog post, maybe you could tell me which colour your prefer and which cowl design you would like.  I will draw the winner on Thursday night (NZ time).  Due to how busy I am currently with custom knits, this knit will have to be squeezed in and it may take a wee while to get done, but I will have it sent within four weeks from today.  I am happy to post this worldwide.

PS, if you are leaving a comment, please leave a way for me to contact you.  If you are having trouble logging on, please feel free to enter by sending an email instead...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

14 more projects...

Whenever I realise it has been a while since I wrote a blog post, I always look back in my Ravelry projects and see how many items I have knitted since I last posted.

When I tell you that the number of projects this time is 14, it sounds like a lot!  But in reality a lot of these were hats...

From Left to Right, Rachel Lacy Rib Hat, Sea Beanie, Sea Beanie, Swirl Hat and Mangere Bridge Beanie.

There was one very large project...
Lavanda, designed by Elena Nodel.  This was knit in 100purewool for a customer.

And there were a couple of medium sized projects as well...

Zuzu's Petals (by Carina Spencer), knit for my sister.  (Philippa, if you read this, I will knit you one too...)

Dovetail Cowl (by Carina Spencer)

Giftwrap Sweater (by Carina Spencer)

Little Butterflies, by Georgie Hallam

and Vertebrae, by Kelly Brooker.

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Designs, Part Two...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had more designs to share which I can now custom knit.  I am now a licenced knitter of all of Carina Spencer's self published patterns.

Carina Spencer is a knitwear designer from the USA.  She started off designing babies garments, but has now expanded to include items for adults too.

A gallery of all of Carina's designs can be found on her website here.  The licence I have covers all of the designs shown on that page plus any new designs that she may come out with too.

The first two garments from Carina's designs that I have knit are Small Things Romper and Small Things Bonnet, these are both destined for my new niece due in a few weeks time.

And I have just finished knitting a Zuzu's Petals.  Zuzu's Petals is a great design, it is a cross between a shawl and a cowl, but unlike a shawl it doesn't need to be wrapped around your neck and it doesn't fall off.  Simply pull it over your head and you are done.

I have more of Carina's patterns waiting to be knit also, these are Dovetail which is a lovely textured cowl  and Seamless Kimono.

I am thinking that Zuzu's Petals would make a great Mothers Day gift.

Some further information can also be found on the page I have set up on my blog here. (To make my custom knitting tabs on my blog more readable, I have separated off four designers and they now have their own pages.)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Designs, Part One...

I have been busy recently securing some further designs that I can use for custom knit garments.  The first of these are from Kelly Brooker, a very talented New Zealand designer.

The new designs are:

 Kiddy Vertebrae, a versatile frontless cardigan, able to be knit in various weights of wool.  Also Baby Vertebrae (not shown) baby sizes of the same style.

Cornwall Park Shrug, very girly and lacy this can be knit in either 4ply or 8ply yarn.

 Mangere Bridge Beanie, this hat features a lace panel, which can be knit to match the lace pattern from Hine or Cornwall Park Shrug, or the lace pattern from All Seasons Cardy can be used instead.

As well as these new designs, I can also knit a lot of Kelly's other patterns too, Looking Glass Longies, Vanilla soaker, March Sisters Pinafores, Pinny for a Dolly, Beyond Pueperium, Tama, Hine and All Seasons Cardy.

The other new designs are from a designer from the USA, I will be sharing more details about these soon.

Friday, March 9, 2012


life rearranged

Driving into the bad weather, on the way to the West Coast

West Coast bush - Arnold River Power Station walkway

Our first Geocache that we have found
Finally the weather cleared enough to get out on the lake

Melissa looking like a drowned rat!

Hannah and Melissa selling Girl Guide Biscuits

My niece Jessica, wearing a Spring Butterfly that I knit for Hannah nearly three years ago.
This photo demonstrates what good value knitwear is, it lasts and lasts.

The girls during their ballet class

Swirl Hats, great for newborn babies, from $15 each, the middle one is for sale,
contact me to purchase or to order.

A different take on a Milo, this was for a customer

A sneak peak of my latest knit, this is for Melissa and I have permission to knit this pattern for sale.
More details will come soon. (Actually there are details on my Facebook page).